From humble beginnings at a Detroit airport in 1946, premium car rental provider Avis has a long history of adapting to an ever-changing market. Avis recognises that the embrace of technology is just one way small innovations over time can make a big difference to the customer experience.

When it comes to offering Australia’s sleekest car rental experience - Avis is driven by better. This means getting customers on their journey faster and more seamlessly than ever before by using digital technology, which has been packaged into services such as Avis PhotoProofed™, Avis Express Exit™ and the Avis App.

Avis PhotoProofed™ revolutionises the rental pick-up process by preparing a digital pre-inspection report. The process is designed to improve transparency for Avis customers. 

Avis PhotoProofed™ begins at the car wash bay, where photos are taken of the vehicle while it’s being cleaned. The photos are then shown on a tablet at the time of pick-up and if confirmed, emailed to the customer. The Avis customer can drive away with peace of mind, knowing evidence of any pre-existing damage has been captured. Plus, additional photos can be added by the customer if they feel anything has been missed.

Avis Express Exit™ is another recent introduction which enables a more seamless start to the Avis customer journey. Digital technology combined with number plate recognition cameras is used to validate a customer’s rental agreement against their vehicle number plate. 

For the Avis customer using Express Exit™, they are given unique and secure QR code that has either been generated in the Avis App (if they are an Avis Preferred member) or from a digital rental agreement. They have the option to use a dedicated Express Exit lane where they simply scan this QR code to make a quicker exit. 

Express Exit™ is currently available at Brisbane Domestic Airport only but will soon be rolled out at other Avis locations around the country.

And finally, the Avis Australia App makes renting a car easy. Avis customers can book, update and cancel their reservations using the app. Even while on the road, rental dates and vehicle preferences can be changed. 

And for Avis Preferred members the list of Avis App features gets unlocked even further. Avis Preferred members can choose their vehicle on arrival, skip the check-in counter altogether - and go straight to their collection bay, where the vehicle is ready waiting with keys. There is also the added benefit of a petrol station finder which is always handy when returning a vehicle in an unfamiliar city.

With innovation at your fingertips, it’s a worthwhile option to download the Avis App and sign up to the Avis Preferred membership program before making your next car rental booking. There is no cost to download the app or join Avis Preferred, you can find out more at