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Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers
Be Safe. Be Ready.

Make workplace health and wellbeing your top priority.

Over the past two years we have learnt that the risk of COVID-19 infection is greater in indoor spaces that are poorly ventilated. According to the latest research, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can help remove virus particles in the air and up to 99% of aerosols*1. That’s why they have an important role in keeping your environment safe.

Be safe. Be ready.

The research.

Research by The University of Melbourne*1 demonstrates the many benefits of air purifiers. According to recent studies, air purifiers can help:
Reduce the risk of catching respiratory viruses that are transmitted via aerosols
Relieve symptoms of asthma and allergies with the use of (HEPA) filters to remove 99.97% of dust particles

The solution.

Air purifiers are enabling the health and wellbeing of your environment whether it in the workplace or the home.

Leading consumer advocates CHOICE recommended the Samsung AX-90 and AX-60 in a recent study*2 with the AX90 scoring the highest out of 23 models tested. That’s why they are used in hospitals, aged care homes and quarantine facilities across Australia, as air purifiers can filter out up to 99.97% of ultra-fine dust, reduce the spread of captured bacteria, and remove certain harmful gases from the air*1 .

When you reduce the spread of virus and bacteria, you are also helping to reduce potential absence from work due to potential illness.

Secure yours today.

Air purifiers are a key component of the modern environment.

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*1 Research published in The Journal of Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology Buising K L, et al. (2021). Use of portable air cleaners to reduce aerosol transmission on a hospital coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) ward. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology,

Tested on the AX40M3040WMD for xylene, benzene, ethylbenzene, styrene, & formaldehyde gases. The filter media has over 99.97% dust collection efficiency, based on particle size of 0.26um, as specified by 42 CFR part 94. Antibacterial function tested on the filter media of the dust collecting filter. Tested in the National Test Institute of Korea.

*2 CHOICE TEST REPORT. CHOICE Project Number: SMG. TRCS.ARP1672020 Project Name: Air purifier test for Samsung
Brand: Samsung Model: AU_AX34T3020WW
Improve the air quality of your small bedroom or living area with this Samsung Air PurifierAX34 AX34T3020WW, designed to efficiently purify your 34m2 space with its 264m3/hr Clean Air Delivery Rate(1). A multi-layered purification system absorbs the irritants and allergens known to cause irritation ..
Brand: Samsung Model: AU_AX90T7080WD
Fill your large open plan living area with fresh, clean air with this Samsung Ultimate AirPurifier AX90 with Wi-Fi AX90T7080WD, designed to purify fast, wide and powerfully in all directions of your 90m2 space with its 701m3/hr Clean Air Delivery Rate(1). A multi-layered purification system absorbs ..
Brand: Samsung Model: AU_AX60T5080WD
Improve the air quality in your medium-to-large living area with this Samsung Versatile Air Purifier AX60 with Wi-Fi AX60T5080WD, designed to purify quickly and powerfully in all directions of your 60m2 space with its 467m3/hr Clean Air Delivery Rate(1). A multi-layered purification system absorbs t..
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